The King of Arugula (Paperback Edition)

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The King of Arugula
Book One: The Hole Stories
By Christopher Millin

Published: May 2007
ISBN: 978-1-897235-21-8
Trade Paperback, 184 Pages

On the way home from my dear Uncle Sol's funeral I fell into a deep dark hole. At the bottom of that hole was a man I could not see, but boy, could I smell him. He had been down there for days. When I asked him how he ended up in the hole he began to recount the strange quest of two ten-year-old boys named Onus and Twig. The boys are out to find the source of the magic tomato of Arugula responsible for Twig's sudden blindness, not quite anticipating the sinister events that await them. Along the way the boys cross a vicious hyper monkey, plagues of locust, a museum of human legs and a one-eyed villain with a deliciously evil plan.

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