The Healing Sand (Paperback Edition)

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The Healing Sand
Book Three: The Hole Stories
By Christopher Millin

Published: December 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9880909-1-0
Paperback, 233 Pages

The Healing Sand is the final book in Christopher Millin's Hole Stories and it starts right where Fowl, Swine and Things That Send Shivers Down Your Spine ended. Onus and Twig have inadvertently ruined another of William Ernest Fang's elaborate plans and have left the villain trapped under a giant stuffed bear named Gertrude. Thanks to a promise from a tiny farmer and a scent-tracking mox named Gromley, the boys believe they are finally on their way home. But as we have learned over and over again in The Hole Stories, home isn't the easiest place to get to. And so, a chance encounter with a broken man leads Onus and Twig to a strange town that is hiding two very big secrets. One: the town possesses a magical sand only spoken about in urban legends. And two: the sand, which is used for so much good, has a dark side to it that no one is willing to is a dark side that may keep Onus and Twig from ever getting home.

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